It is our pleasure to invite all parents guardians and well wishers to Koshi Multiple Campus.
As we know”Education is the Back Bone of the Nation”. Bu education. However, we have not forgotten it, we want good learn of the importance of quality education. So, we believe transferring students.The sense of business has spoiled the whole philosophy of as well as good teachers in the College. We are aware quality knowledge is the core method of attracting students.Future of the college, therefore, lies on the quality of education. We belie contribution to quality of education of today is the reflection of the available human resources. The satisfaction of the educational institution has to be measured with the standard of competitive human resources available in the country. We want to be the part and the pioneer of the process.
To achieve this purpose, KMC is run by the team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, businessman and teachers of the related field 11/2L having a decade of long experience with broad mission and vision.
We have realized the essence of today’s education in a global context and have come out with a new spirit to impart quality education through NEB and TU affiliated programs Management and Education. We are also ru nit 4 years BBS (TU), B.Ed (TU), 1 year B.Ed (TU) and 2 years MBS (TU) and M.Ed (TU) under the umbrella of KMC.
We welcome positive criticism, creative suggestions and frequent interactions from our stakeholders to explore ourselves professionally in the education sector.Looking  forward to seeing your materialized dream here.

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Koshi Multiple Campus has come a long way, slowly but steadily climbing the rungs of the ladder of academic excellence. Today, it stands tall and proud, as the leading institution for conducting intermediate, undergraduate and master level study programs.

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