Back in 2053, a group of eminent academicians realized the acute need for a private educational institution that could cater to the increasing number of high school students who were migrating either to Kathmandu or India to pursue further education. The Government campus which was overcrowded was reeling under the pressure of maintaining the quality of education. They envisioned an institution that would impart quality education to the thousands of aspiring students who unnecessarily bore the steep cost and trouble of staying and studying at places far away from their homes. Thus,KMC is the first private ” Campus of Biratnagar. The rest is history. KMC is an endeavor to address the core issues in education that of production and dissemination of knowledge and the practical application, management and practices of that knowledge at present and future. It is therefore necessary to provide education that is attuned to the complexities arising from the rapidly changing national and global issues in social, cultural, economic and technological context. Our vision is to set up a national level institution that can provide high quality education ithhas the mission to deliver knowledge and expertise of the best quality under a group of institutions (KMC) to make a complete person, professionally, intellectually and morally. Koshi Multiple Campus has come a long way, slowly but steadily climbing the rungs of the ladder of academic excellence. Today, it stands tall and proud, as the leading institution for conducting intermediate, undergraduate and master level study programmes.

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